The Overland Track

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Tasmania has some of the most impressive and pristine country in the world, not to mention impressive weather. Western Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world. It also has alpine plants life that live together in a planty commune to keep warm and take 30 years to regrow if trodden underfoot. It also has a lot of wombats, echidnas, paddy melons, hail, snow, sun, and wind.

The overland track was blazed by early fur trappers, and you cannot begin to imagine the kind of harsh life these people must have endured. One particularly cunning bloke was infamous for elaborately disguising himself from the local law in order to sell illegal pelts in town. These people lived off possums and wombats. This trapper guided the first tourist party across the track back in the mid 20th century. He thought of a better way to make money.

The recent inferno that destroyed sections of the cradle mountain–lake st. Claire national park was a tragedy. In the Northern Territory you are used to fire as a way of life, in a place where plants and trees have adapted to fire and are slaves to this cycle of burn off and regrowth. In western Tasmania, where the forests are of the oldest in the world, and where plants can take 30 years to recover, fire is a vandal in a museum.

Tasmania is a majestic and mysterious place, and contributing to this not the least is our own mark on the land. I do hope that Tasmania doesn’t change too much just yet, I’m looking forward to returning again.






2 thoughts on “The Overland Track

  1. Great photos. I’ve travelled around most of Tasmania since I was a kid but not so much of the west – I definitely have to put it on my bucket list. Here’s hoping it can recover from the fires.


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