Straddie by foot: a day on North Stradbroke Island

Heavy clouds move across a grey and endless ocean as tourists walk the wind whipped Point Lookout. A branch are ripped from the occasional tree. Someone’s dog attacks a kangaroo. The smell of of fish and chips and sea foam floats on the breeze.

Tourism is North Stradbroke island’s biggest industry next to sand mining, and as the second largest sand island in the world, it’s got a lot of sand. Local and international tourists flock here all year round, and for many, they must see the island on foot. If you consider ferrying a car over from Cleveland a luxury, then you will need to rely on the island’s public transport, which means you will be relying on…


It is ‘possible’ to get between the three northern townships of Dunwich, Point Lookout, and Amity Point by bus, but it is tedious, and while it gets you from A to B, the whole experience isn’t really conducive to having a good time.


Stuck at the transfer: looking for Koalas again


So what can you see on foot? There are many amazing sights to see on straddie: massive freshwater lakes, Blue Lake, Brown Lake, natural springs, Eighteen Mile Swamp and so on. However, on foot you will not be visiting any of them.
On the bus, you will see…



A nice enough point from which to lookout

Point lookout is a short, comfotable stroll around the northeastern corner of the island.



A nice enough spot for Fish and chips with two french men on Frenchmans beach




A nice enough place to see a dolphin.




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