1770, or: Cook’s second and lesser known landing on the east coast, after which the village of Round Hill renamed itself.

After a longish drive through undulating country, visitors driving north of Bundaberg to the village of 1770 will find themselves at a small seaside township mostly comprised of holiday homes, backpackers, hotels, and camping. The population here is not high; in 2011, just 76 people called this place their permanent home.

No matter how a person chooses to stay in 1770, the reason for visiting is the same: beautiful clear and calm ocean waters to the west, vast and termultuous waters to the north and east, surfing, fishing, and the areas famous connection to one Captain James Cook.

A landing incognita 

It is well known that captain cook first landed on the east coast of Terra Australis Incognita at Botany Bay in 1770. It is also known that his ship, the HMS Endeavour, then struck the Great Barrier Reef, leaving the crew stranded in Northern Queensland for seven weeks. What isn’t well known, is that in between these two events Cook also landed at a place just north of Agnes Water, on a point shooting north into the coral sea. The village that would appear at the tip of this rocky coast was called Round Hill, that is, until in 1970 when it was decided the village would be renamed 1770, to commemorate the bicentennial of Cook’s landing.

A crisis of identity

travelling to and staying in 1770, you get an impression that no one is really sure what to call the place. Sure, the road signs say 1770, but businesses are still calling it Round Hill. Then you’ve got hotels in Agnes Water saying they’re in 1770, and then there’s real estate saying it’s Agnes Water.

No matter

No matter what you or anyone else calls it, Agnes Water and 1770 and two beautiful places, with 1770 having some spectacular beaches for swimming, fishing, and kayaking.

Things to do:

  • Take a swim or a walk along the beach (at low tide!) at 1770.
  • Walk the short track out to the 1770 point lookout.
  • Visit Workmans Beach in Agnes Water (you can also camp here if you’re early enough)

How to get there:

Agnes Water is about 120 kilometres north or Bundaberg, 1770 is another 8 kilometres down the road.


1770 point lookout


the rugged east coast


1770 beach as sunset


rocks at 1770


Workmans beach


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