Smalleys Beach: Camping at Cape Hillsborough

Cape Hillsborough NP

A small national park camp grounds on the beach. Only 11 sites makes his place pretty special. Waking up and walking to the sand, scaring the bathing birds and watching the first rays of light touch on the cape while you have the entire beach to yourself is what makes camping out here with the bugs and the very active wildlife worth it.

Everything in the camp is covered in litter from the trees. It never stops. Every time you move a chair or stove, there is a new web attaching it to the nearest point. Grubs are always lowering themselves on web at head height. Mosquitoes, midgies, this place has got them all.

Mornings through the tent door means brush turkeys and kookaburras fighting for some breakfast.

Silent curlews nest in the underbrush and cry at night. Brush turkeys grunt from the darkness. Shine a light into the forest and you see eyes glinting back, be it spiders or a bird or, unfortunately, a toad.

We ate dinner inside the tent last night to take a break from mosquitoes and bug spray.



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