Excellent short hikes: Porcupine Gorge, Queensland

Just over an hour’s drive north of Hughenden is the impressive Porcupine Gorge, where the Porcupine Creek flows through an ancient savannah landscape. The end of this hike is Pyramid rock, so called for its triangular appearance. Pyramid rock is, in fact, a sheared edge of the gorge, where a once powerful Porcupine creek eroded rock over time until it slowed to the tricking creek you see today.


The hike is short but fairly steep. Once you arrive at the bottom of the gorge you can walk through the cool water up to Pyramid rock. It’s only about a 25 minute walk down, but allow longer to get back up. With a spectacular spot within short range, it’s an ideal spot for lunch. Forget the tables up top—Pyramid rock is where it’s at.



It’s a shame that the campsite is so far away, and is the main reason we didn’t stay. The campsite is at the top of the gorge, in a dry, hot and dusty (and frankly, uninspiring) expanse of land. If parks would open up sites down the gorge, I can only think this would encourage campers to want to hang around and see more of this remote gorge.


Travelers heading across the Flinders highway can stop in at Hughenden and head north to porcupine gorge.


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