Escarpment hike, Gregory NP, Northern Territory

Northern Territory

Travelling along the Victoria Highway toward the Western Australia border, we stopped overnight at the Victoria River Roadhouse. Just driving here gives you a sense of the great country which occupies Gregory National Park: towering escarpments that shadow the valley through which you travel, a reminder of how much the land has been erroded over time.


The Victoria Highway passes through this grand scenery

Through this particular valley runs the Victoria river. We discovered a great hike near here which gets you a grand view of the landscape: the aptly named Escapment Hike.


Length: 3.0km return

Time: Allow 2 hours for looking around (best to see sunset from the top)

Ascent: 237m

Desent: same

Provisions: take water and a snack for the top. It’s a fairy steep ascent so you’ll use the water quick enough.

The hike itself is relatively easy; three kilometres to the top and back. The track takes you up around 240 metres over three levels of escarpment and through ancient water paths in the rock.

(Click to enlarge, hover for description)


From the top of the escarpment your treated to some excellent views as the sun sets.


You can really see where water has moved through the rock.


A view of the Victoria River, and some great vegetation up here too.

Thanks for looking.


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