Wilsons Promontory

Photos from a recent 3 day hike at Wilsons Prom, Victoria.

The Route

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.27.29 pm

view my Wilsons Prom hike PDF


Day 1

Distance: 18.1km
Elevation gain/loss: 786, -808
Max elevation: 277
Start: Trailhead (Telegraph Saddle car park)
End: Roaring Meg campsite
Estimated time: 7 hours (5 to camp, 2 return to southern point)

possible deviations:
– take telegraph walking track (-.5 hours est.) – don’t walk to southern point (-2 hours est.)


Day 2

Distance: 20.2km
Elevation gain/loss: 1045, -1206

Max elevation: 313
Start: Roaring Meg campsite

End: Refuge Cove campsite Estimated time: 7

possible deviations:
-Kersop Peak side trip (already a big day though)


Day 3
Distance: 15.8km
Elevation gain/loss: 898, -712
Max elevation: 341
Start: Refuge Cove campsite
End: Trailhead (Telegraph Saddle car park) Estimated time: 5 hours


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